Social Media Monitoring

Our team used two social monitoring tools, Sysomos and Radian6, to monitor current online discussion and sharing of content from Africa Investigates' episodes.We were able to get snapshots of wordclouds, blog mentions, gender and location demographics, and various other metrics from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Twitter.

Key Findings from Sysomos:
  • Between June and December, Sysomos found 73 blog mentions and 33 news mentions.
  • 165,000 total web hits
  • Sentiment: 10% of the posts have been positive, 77% have been neutral and 13% have been neutral. Overall 87% of responses have been favorable
  • 31% of online activity surrounding Africa Investigates has occured in the United States


  • We found that viewership was mainly driven from accounts based in Africa. For instance, the episode "Sierra Leone: Timber!" had a high amount of viewers originating from Sierra Leone
  • AI's videos are being accessed through a mix of blog referrals, searches, mobile phones, and embedded videos on popular websites and blogs both in Africa and in the West
  • Viewership is predominantly male, in the age range of 25 to 54.



Here are a few buzzword graphs that colorfully illustrate the tag words associated with blog posts written about Africa Investigates.