Video on Demand/Online Distribution

Our team suggests that Insight News TV besides the distribution strategies on the African continent also, search alternative revenue sources by making their products readily available online through movie distribution platforms. Insight News TV offers the possibility to purchase hard copies of their documentaries directly on their website, but the current web-users is impatient, he/she wants to enjoy a purchase immediately, it is our belief that making the features available for direct screening online will augment the consumers likeliness to actually consume an Insight News TV product. Creating online buzz via social and news networking platforms (such as Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Myspace) will increase the international web consumers awareness of the organization and its goals. Permitting the web consumer to watch Insight News TV documentaries directly online through Video-on-Demand Platforms (such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, iTunes...) rather then on TV will permit to bypass TV distribution costs and physical distribution costs. The online screening by consumers through video-on-demand platforms will bring alternative revenues to Insight News TV. For Insights News TV's mission to be fulfilled special focus should be attributed to the International African Diaspora.

Distribution Strategy

Buzz around the Distribution: where?

  • Up-dated website
  • Snapshots on Youtube
  • Facebook up-dated presence
  • Twitter Posts
  • Myspace

Distribution Platforms: That Insight News TV can market its product on:

SWOT: Analysis for distribution on the web internationally through online distribution platforms:



  • Attracting a large international diaspora crowd through online platforms and no physical distribution
  • There are no physical distribution cost
  • Solid revenue source over the long-run
  • Permits to spread the buzz around Insight News TV internationally,
  • Changing attitudes in society
  • The diaspora population when passing or returning on the african continent will spread the word locally



  • Presence on new media is not up-to-date:
Twitter: Last post in April 2009
Facebook: The dates of the information posted do no appear which suggests
the information is not recent
Myspace: Last Blog Entry in 2007
  • Lengthiness of setting up and maintaining partnerships with online distribution companies
  • Potential costs of setting up partnerships with online distribution platforms
  • New media is a means of getting exposure but this exposure has to be constantly nurtured by new newsfeeds
  • Visibility swamped by the larger integrated news organizations
  • Competition from more traditional movies will be high on the Video-on-Demand platforms,
  • Insight New TV needs to find innovative ways of attracting the costumer to
  • watch a documentary on African rather than the latest action movie

Caveats associated with this strategy

  • Distribution on Video on Demand Platforms is costly
  • It will take time to form the necessary partnerships

Solutions: It might be possible to get the Video-on-Demand platforms to sponsor Insight News TV to distribute the documentaries on their websites. Potentially the VOD platforms could obtain tax-breaks for doing non-profit action. Insight News TV should investigate this option further.

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