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Occupy Wall Street: Outcomes to Date

The Occupy Wall Street movement is ongoing, and therefore the outcomes are continuously evolving.


  • As of October 18th, OWS had officially raised $450,000, through checks and online credit card payments.
  • As of October 27th it is speculated that they had $500,000.
  • The Alliance for Global Justice, a Washington-based nonprofit, is sponsoring the movement so that donations are tax-exempt.
  • All spending decisions over $100 must be approved by the general assembly. All refundable expenses must be documented with receipts. The group is vigilant about the documentation of spending in case they become a 501(c)(3) in the future and need to be audited.



Occupy sites exist in 70 major cities across the United States and in over 600 communities. Global protests have taken place in 82 counties and in 951 cities.

OWS began on September 17, 2011 and is ongoing.

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