Funding Options

There are several international and local options for Insight New TV to consider. These are organizations that would be incline to fund projects that aim to develop African documentaries. The names of some such organizations are as follows:

logo.GFI.gifGlobal Film Initiative: The organization promotes original filmmaking by individuals from around the world.


Alter- Cine Foundation Documentary Film Grants for African, Asian, and Latin American filmmakers: This Foundation offers a yearly grant to young film and video makers born and living in Africa, Asia, and Latin America to direct a documentary film on the theme of rights and freedoms, inlcuding social and economic rights, and so on.

- European Documentary Network (EDN): They offer funding possibility for productions shot and post produced in South Africa.


- National Film and Video Foundation (NFVF):The foundation provides funds for individuals, companies and organizations that produce documentaries related to any of the following themes: education and training, script development, productions, marketing and distribution.

- Independent Television Service: The organization fund, distribute, and promote new programs primarily for public television. They work with independent producers to create and present programs that take creative risks, advance issues and represent points of view not usually seen on public or commercial television.


- World Cinema Fund (WCF): WCF fund organizations that produce films or documentaries related to African issues

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