Targeting the African Diaspora Internationally
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The Diaspora Community

Just by typing “Africa” or “African” on facebook you will find hundreds of African related interest groups with a total of more then 2 million “likes”, This is telling of the importance of the African Diaspora on the perception of Africa in the West. And also the many potential ways in which the Global African Diaspora influences the African continent.

According to the website there are 166 million African diaspora populations across the world. The highest concentrations are located in Brazil with 84 million and the United States with 38 million people. The African Development Bank estimates that North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa combined receive an average of $32 billion in remittances each year. These numbers make a case for the significance of the African Diaspora around the world and the strong links it still nourishes with the African continent.

What is more the Economist Intelligence Unit forecasted in 2009 that 7 of the top 10 countries with the fastest growing gross domestic products would be in Africa. The progressive decline of the economies in the west causes declining job opportunities for foreigners. African students studying abroad soon to become young African professional are thus more then ever likely to return to their countries to seeze local opportunities. Increasing the awareness of these young populations through Insight News Media will permit to open their minds about the pan-african issues common to their respective countries. The idea it to influence these communities by sensibilizing them to the common pan-African issues and hopefully influence their behavior and their actions as they return to their country. Please find below a list of active African Student organizations in IVY League Universities in America which can be extremely influential customers and efficient in spreading the word. Please find also a list of influential diaspora groupings online by area of interest and finally a list of suggested Tweeters and Bloggers to contact which could be influential in promoting the Africa Investigate brand. Getting in contact with these three type of actors via email or through online media platforms, linking them to Insight News TV social media platforms and enabling them to buy Insight News TV products on Online Video of Demand platforms will substantial enlarge the reach of the documentaries and insure trickle down effects on Africans in general internationally and on the continent.

African Clubs

DSC_0589.JPGAfrican Student Clubs in the United States

By following the link above you will have access to a list of the african clubs active in American Ivy League universities. These clubs are active in the field of business, law, international affairs, or general cultural relations. The members of these clubs are in general extremely active and organize multiple conferences and social events within their universities. These clubs can be a voice for Insight News TV to spread the world among future young african leaders. Screening could be organized in the universities. These african students also travel back to the continent on vacation or for jobs they will thus be able to spread the word on the African continent.

African Diaspora Organizations

By following the link above you will have access to a list of african diaspora clubs active in fields as varied as development, engineering, film, media, law, politics, cultural affairs, journalism, history, mathematics...These clubs are mainly located in the United States, the United Kingdom and France. Setting up contact with these organization can permit finding new consumers, but also finding helpful resources to for fundraising or to facilitate work on the ground in Africa through connections.


Find below a list of influential bloggers and tweeters, which would be interesting to follow and contact, to have them promote Insight News TV:

Mac- Jordan- @MacJordan:

Award winning Ghanaian Blogger, Social Media Consultant, Global Voices Author, Barcamp Organizer, TEDx Fellow, Wanderer and Technologist with passion for Africa

Teddy Ruge: @TMSRuge:

Cofounder, Project Diaspora; Photographer; African Futurist; Africa by Africa Evangelist; African Digerati; Connector

Semhar Araia - @Semhar:

@__Oxfam__ #HornofAfrica analyst; Founder, Diaspora African Women's Network, @DAWNInc. Organizer & eternal optimist. Love civil society,90s RnB & coffee.Views mine.

Derrick Ashong @Ashong:

Musician, Entrepreneur, AFropolitan. Bandleader of Soulfège, Host The Stream on Al Jazeera (@AJStream), formerly #TheDNAx on @OprahRadio.

Kathleen Bomani- @KateBomz:

Vain yet Altruistic, High Bohemian. Aspiring DJ. Vintage lover, thinker, & Piquant dreamer. Revolutionary & passionate Tanzanian Import. a Socialite w/o border!

Joseph Lake- @RealClearAfrica:

Africa editor at the Economist Intelligence Unit. Previously,economist at the Tanzania Ministry of Finance.

Blogs - Africa on The Blog, SEAD Diaspora, Texas in Africa
Facebook- Africa Diaspora Group, DAWN (Diaspora African Women's Network)

Video on Demand


By following the link about you will have access to suggestions about video on demand platforms on which African Investigates could potentially market its documentaries. Partnership would have to be set up with these video on demand platforms for Insight News TV to be able distribute content on these platforms

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