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China's Jasmine Revolution: Social Media Trends

  1. January 16, 2011, activist Liu Gang and others launched a website to memorize Qian Yunhui, asking people to gather in Tiananmen Square for a silent tribute to him. This post spread over the internet.

  2. National Security Agency of China discovered the growing online support and tried to damage the process by changing information and sending out massive emails to people including Liu Gang’s friends.

  3. 2011, Feb 2nd, Liu Gang sent out message on Twitter: “gl31578 刘刚只要我们约好一个时间,共聚天安门广场围观,中国就会成为下一个埃及,另一个突尼斯,再现一次8964 ” (If we make a time and gather in Tiananmen Square, China will become the next Egypt, the next Tunis, and it would be 8964 one more time."

  4. On Feb 12th, Liu Gang posted massive amounts of information about the upcoming protest. But there was little reaction.

  5. Activists encouraged police to investigate the planned event, to help spread the word to more people. The involvement and investigation of the police was key to making the CJR happen, as without their massive action, the event would have gained much less attention.

  6. Lots of people began to participate, some of them later claiming that they were the initiators of the event.

  7. The National Security Agency sent out another mass message again, in an attempt to change the gathering location from Tiananmen Square to Wangfujing, a business center.

  8. Feb 17th, on Twitter@mimitree0, there was the first message about CJR.

  9. Feb 19th, the anonymous call for a 'Jasmine revolution' in China's major cities was made online, first on the website, run by overseas dissidents, and then on Twitter. Some said this was posted by national security agency, some said was posted by other initiatives.

  10. After Feb 20th, there was massive outbreak of information about CJR. People(mainly Kong) used websites, twitter and other social media to plan some dates of gathering and share information with others.

Notes: there was disputes about leadership and details in organizing CJR. Here we try to bring all available information together but it should be noted that the above information could be wrong.

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