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China's Jasmine Revolution: Movement

  1. Feb 17th: A call to action from mimitree0 on Twitter.

  2. Feb 19th: A detailed call on Boxun’s website, including locations of gathering; A Facebook site calling for participation and conveyed latest announcements; Some activists were arrested; On central government’s meeting, chairman Hu again said that we need to strengthen our management about the internet; Gmail, Google Reader had some problems; Key words like “Molihua” “today” “tomorrow” were banned on Weibo, Renren; Mass-send-out function of Fection was banned on that day.

  3. Feb 20th: This was the first call for gathering. But only Beijing, Nanjing, and Hongkong had a turn out. Because the gatherings happened in very busy areas, the number of actual participants was hard to calculate. The Beijing protest was said to have nearly 100 participants, in Hongkong the estimation is lower. In Shanghai, only few people showed up, with the number of journalists exceeding the participants.
    Gov: Secret and non-secret policemen monitored and dispelled people. They almost arrested one person holding a jasmine flower. Journalists were removed from the Hongkong protest, and international jourmalists were warned to act under regulation. In the 13 planned cities, police gathered at the cites, making some believe that it was policemen that finished the organizational calls.

  4. Feb 26th: Boxun announced that they had been attacked by hackers and could not continue to post information

  5. Feb 27th : In Beijing, under strict monitoring, there was no obvious gathering. In Shanghai, it was said that once there were hundreds of people, but later were dispelled by policemen, and seven people were taken away by police.
    Gov: Said there was construction and blocked the road; confiscated the jasmine flower held by people; Journalists from Hongkong and foreign countries were taken away and their photos were deleted; Huge amount of policemen prepared in the 27 proposed cities.

  6. March 6th :Under strict control there were no obvious gathering.
    Gov: Shut down the nearby subway station.Policemen stood around the proposed sites.

Notes: Above are the most significant movement events. After them, the organizors kept posting calls for a long time, but no significant outcome happened and gradually there was less and less attention.

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