Columbia University, School of International and Public Affairs

New Media and Development Communication, Fall 2011



How can crowd-sourcing platforms enhance education?
How can open access, free, participatory new media resources optimize educations in and out of the classrooms?

Key topics:
Crowdsourced/Opensource Education

Africa-investigates.jpgAfrica Investigates

Using a combined strategy of both old and new media forms, Africa Investigates has a plethora of strategies to create buzz about, as well as distribute, its documentaries in Africa. These opportunities should be seized as early as possible.

Key topics:
Project Mission
Research Unit
Creating a "buzz" for Africa
Media Strategies
Distributing Africa Investigates in Africa: Strategies


New Media and Social Movements

This wiki's research explore the relationships between political movements and Government agenda, exploring how digital media tools can aid social movement and inform the policy making process.

Key topics:
Occupy Wall Street
The Arab Spring
China's Jasmine Revolution
China's response to Occupy Wall Street

wikimedia-arab-world.jpgWikimedia in the Arab World

What are Wikipedia's options to increase participation in content creation and editing in Arabic across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region?

Key topics:
Tapping into Existing Volunteer Networks
Incorporating Wikipedia Editing Into University Curricula
Blogging Culture in the Region and Engaging Bloggers
Women and Wikipedia
The Use of Video
Lessons Learned from Facebook Arabic

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