The Chinese People's Reaction to OWS

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The Chinese People's Reaction to Occupy Wall Street

In contrast to people in many other countries who are engage in local social movements, the Chinese people didn't show a strong willingness and consistent enthusiasm to support the OWS campaign in 2011. The data collected from Chinese media sites from Sept.17 to Nov. 30 shows that the public gradually lost interest in this movement, although they highly engaged in online discussions and proactive support of this movement initially.

First stage: Strong Attention, Heated Discussion and Spontaneous Demonstrations, Sept. 17 - Oct.14

  1. Mainland China

The demonstrations in Zhengzhou and Luoyang are the only two events that can be found in Mainland China related to OWS movement.

2. Hong Kong


Turning Point: Global Day of Action, Oct. 15

  • Hundreds of People "Like" Facebook Pages: "Occupy China", "Occupy Beijing", "Occupy Shanghai", "Occupy Nanjing", and "Occupy Nanjing", discussing anti-government demonstrations in these major cities, in response to the global occupy together movement.
  • "Occupy Hong Kong" page and "Occupy Central" page attracted thousands of people's "Like", announcing "Occupy Central" demonstration in HK to support this global event. Several hundreds of protestors started anti-capilalism occupy central movement in Hong Kong.

Second Stage: Less Concentration and Limited Online Discussion, Oct. 16 - Nov. 30

Data analysis about online contents related to OWS in China's new media:
  • China's top websites: i.e. baidu, sina, tencent, sohu, and netease.

  • China's top-tier video sites: i.e. youku, tudou, and ku6.
  • China's most popular social media: i.e. Sina weibo, Tencent weibo, NetEase weibo.

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