Media Consumption Trends in Anglophone Africa


  • Population, 25,000,000
  • 12 Million mobile subscribers as of 2009
  • 90% of respondents in an Audience Scapes survey mentioned that they had used radio in the last week. 49% of respondents in the survey mentioned that they viewed radio as “trustworthy”
  • Most watched TV stations are GTV, TV3, MetroTV, and TV Africa.
  • 1,297,000 Internet users
  • 5.2% Internet Penetration
  • 999,600 Facebook Users


  • Population 34,612,250
  • 3.2 million internet users
  • Facebook users, 304,100
  • 9.5 Million Mobile Subscribers in Uganda (Uganda Communications Commission)
  • 83% of AudienceScapes survey respondents have access to a radio. 96% have listened to the radio in the past week.
  • 180 Radio Stations in Uganda, including state broadcasting, Community radio, and private commercial radio stations.
  • 44% of men compared to 34% of women surveyed are likely to own a mobile phone


  • Population, 41,070,034
  • 3,995,500 internet users
  • 9.7% Internet penetration
  • 1,114,900 Facebook users
  • Popular TV Stations in order of popularity are Citizen TV, Kenya Broadcasting Corporation, Kenya Television Network (KTN) and Nation TV (NTV)
  • 89 percent of Kenyan adults get news and information from the radio on at least a weekly basis.
  • Types of radio access in Kenya: FM, AM, Satellite Radio, Internet Radio, Radio via Mobile phone. The most used ones are the FM (98%) and AM (35%).
  • Radio stations available: Citizen, KBC Kishwahili, Inooro, Easy/Nation, Kiss, Q FM, Musyi, Ramogi, Coro, Kass. The one that are the most used are Citizen, KBC, and Inooro.

South Africa

  • Population: 49,004,031
  • 2,400,000 Internet Users
  • Internet Penetration 13.9%
  • 8.5 million users of mobile phones are capable of accessing email on their phones.
  • 9.5 million or 60% of mobile phone users are able to browse on their phones[1].
  • 92% of South Africans listen to the radio on a daily basis
  • 89.5% of households own a radio
  • 61.7% own a television.
  • Internet Access- 53% from work, 39% from home
  • 20 million users on South Africa’s most popular social network, Mxit.



Source: From Internet World Stats (2)

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[2] Internet World Stats