What will the future of the classroom look like?

How can crowd-sourcing platforms enhance education?
How can open access, free, participatory new media resources optimize educations in and out of the classrooms?

This space was created by a research group of students in Professor Anne Nelson’s New Media and Development class at Columbia University to think about how collaborative technologies are shaping education systems.
Why New Media and Development?
In today’s increasingly networked society, information and communication technologies have become useful tools to help us address the world’s pressing issues. The interactive platforms available in digital media create the oppportunity to design participatory models where more people can connect to collaborate for the benefit of a greater milieu.
The approach to our analysis of education and new media in this research project was framed by a series of interviews with different experts that use collaborative technologies to foster education in diverse and innovatives ways. All of the experts were asked 6 base questions regarding the future of education.
  • What do you think the biggest obstacles are for education today?
  • What aspect of education has evolved the most/made the most progress?
  • In what areas can technology be used to enhance education?
  • In what areas can technology can be detrimental to education and how can those challenges be overcome?
  • What project combining education and technology would prioritize as an achievable short-term goal?
  • What do you think the classroom of the future will look like?

Group Members:
Ania Calderon
John Evans
Colins Imoh
Caroline Le Viet
Julia Ritz Toffoli
Atili Sapiira