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China's Jasmine Revolution: Context

Three important facts to understand the general context of China at the time of the Jasmine Revolution:
  1. GDP was growing quickly, at around 9% per year
  2. Inequality was invreasing, with mass incidence rates going up
  3. Internet was now widespread among the Chinese people. Although FaceBook, Youtube, Twitter are banned, there are Chinese versions of them: Renren, Youku, Weibo and so on.

On December 18, 2010, the Jasmine Revolution broke out in Tunisia, eventually resulting in the resign of a dictator. In today’s China, with growing social inequality and a flawed social system, there are also people dissatisfied with current government and Communist Party. Inspired by the Jasmine Revolution, some activists hoped to copy this movement in China. In 2010, a famous activist called Qian Yunhui was suspected to be murdered by local government staff, this event generated a lot of anger among people, and the result was the Chinese Jasmine Revolution.

Qian Yunhui Case

Qian Yunhui, a popular 53-year-old elected and eastern Zhejiang province village head, who had a long history of petitioning against alleged abuses by local government, died on December 25, 2010. Yunhui was crushed by the front wheel of a truck loaded with crushed rocks for a nearby building site, operated by the Yueqing Electric Power Plant. Rumors emerged stating that Qian was held on the ground by four men in security personnel uniforms while the truck was driven slowly over him. A government press conference a week later announced that Qian had died in an ordinary traffic accident, struck and killed crossing the road. An eyewitness by the name of Qian Chengwei (Chinese: 钱成委) said that he saw that four uniformed men held the victim down on the ground while the truck went on top of him. The eyewitness had since been arrested and detained by the police.Other eyewitnesses including villager Huang Diyan(Chinese: 黄迪燕), claimed she saw four uniformed men with gloves struggle with Qian and then put his body under the front tire by force.

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pic: usually titled as "qian yunhui - murdered by rich Chinese communists"